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Hunting Alaska

The Alaskan frontier -

 Just the trip, the scenery and the small plane ride on their own are enough to take your breath away. 

 Magnificent snow capped mountain ranges, majestic glaciers, craggy foreshore and blue water to the berry laden tundara in summer ....or the salmon filled wilderness streams

 These hunting trips are for the serious adventure hunter.  The number of species that is availble to hunters is huge - but dont expect to take them all on a single trip.  Book for your Moose, Bear, Mountain Goat, Dall ram or Caribou now

This is not an African safari - you may have to work for your trophy..... BUT Imagine the exilariation of hunting your first bear ... coming within a few hundred yards of a huge male big enough to take down a Bull moose ...with raking great claws and a massive head full of crunching canine teeth 

Alaskan Brown Bear

The Brown bears on the Alaskan coast are renowned for their size and grow larger than anywhere else due to the abundance of food and good living as they fill themselves each year on Salmon during the annual spawning runs

 Kodiak island is known world wide for its trophy potential Alaskan Brown bears.  Bears average around the 8.5 foot mark but can reach sizes well over 10 feet  with a  live weight in excess of 1800 pounds

Glassing throughout the day is the best way to locate these bears in their habitat. The longer daylight and receding snowline of spring make for fantastic brown bear hunting .

 During fall hunts the bears move less and feed more. Having gorged on the salmon from the local stream they spend large parts of the day sleeping on the hillsides.


Grizzly bears are a subspecies of the brown bear and generally classified by their inland habitat.  They are abundant in the Talkeetna Mountains of interior Alaska. Hunting the  valleys rich with blueberries and located on their migratory routes is a sure fire way to encounter these nomadic bears.

The area hunted is the only one in Alaska that is open to grizzly bear hunting year-round. Best times for hunting though is June, August and September when the bear hides are still at their prime.  (July hunting is available for those wishing to hunt bears on or near an active salmon stream)

Colors of these Alaskan Griz vary greatly from blonde to dark chocolate and to silver colorations and range in size from 7 foot  to 9 foot+

Black Bear

The rolling tundra hills sides of the area hunted offers some unprecedented black bear hunting from late May through to late September.

 Seven foot Black bears are seen each year and an average size harvested would be between 6 and 6.5 foot.

 Its not uncommon on early spring hunts to see up to 40 bears in a week.  On fall hunts you usually see less bears... BUT the ones located are better quality and are fat from months of berry eating with black glossy trophy hides!

Its not uncommon to see black bears feeding on the same ridges and slopes as a grizzly bear in the areas hunted. 

Wolf and Wolverine

Both species can be taken (in season) on Grizzly Bear hunts as incidental species if you have purchased a suitable tag