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Big Game Hunts

The Northern Territory – the last frontier and destination for Big Game hunting in Australia.

Asiatic Water Buffalo is our number one Big game species in Australia and the safari choice most often booked. 

Those traveling to the Northern Territory may not realise the abundance of other large and medium sized game available to them in this area though.  Trophy species also available can include Banteng, Wild Ox, Sambar Deer,  huge South Pacific Goats, Wild Boar, Wild dog/Dingo and on some concessions additional managed species are also available such as Black buck antelope, Red deer, Chital (Axis), Hog deer and both species of Rusa deer.

With several concessions to choose from we offer exceptional trophy hunts for water buffalo bull and scrub bull.  Big bodied Wild Boar can be found in abundance on the flood plains of some of our concessions and we offer exceptional value cull hunting packages on Buffalo for those wanting to take multiple animals.  


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